Breakdance is breaking barriers to storm 2024 Olympic games

The International Olympic Committee announced the inclusion of break dancing at the 2024 Paris Summer games in December 2020.  In these current modern times, it would be hard to not be aware of hip hop dances and one of its popular variant break dancing with popular founding fathers like Michael Jackson. 

The eyebrow-raising question now is if this dance firm is worth being part of an international event like the Olympics? According to the creative director of Studio 79e in Ottawa Brian Tong, it makes complete sense because break dancing is just more than taking a step or two. It actually involves a lot of calisthenics that demands intense training and strengths.

Efforts to promote diversity 

This announcement followed a pattern of announcements made by the IOC. Tokyo games 2020 which was rescheduled will also witness the debut of skateboarding, surfing, and sports climbing. The IOC president, Thomas Bach stated that the clear priority was to introduce sports popular amongst the younger generation and take  their urbanization into consideration.

On the other hand, Angela Scheider, the director of the International Center for Olympic Studies at Western University and a former Canadian Olympian thinks that there is more to the IOC decisions. She believes that there is a northern and Southern Hemisphere discussion going on, as many have believed that the Olympics literary of sports has celebrated the northern and Southern Hemisphere in comparison to the Black and Latino cultures.

Creating a medium for both gender and new sports 

According to Schneider, globally the number of women that participate in sports like weightlifting and Kickboxing are negligible and seemingly restricted to a few countries.

With the inclusion of new sports being introduced in preparation for the 2024 games, traditional sports that had favored the male gender more would be scaled back to make room for other sport. We are talking about those that will make it easier for the exclusivity of both genders.