Google tells scientists to use a positive tone for AI research

Google has demanded that scientists avoid using a negative tone to present its technology in a negative light. To prove its point, the company has tightened control over scientists' papers by initiating a 'sensitive topics' review.  Sensitive topics Google has requested in at least three cases from authors to avoid presenting its technology in a […]

Breakdance is breaking barriers to storm 2024 Olympic games

The International Olympic Committee announced the inclusion of break dancing at the 2024 Paris Summer games in December 2020.  In these current modern times, it would be hard to not be aware of hip hop dances and one of its popular variant break dancing with popular founding fathers like Michael Jackson.  The eyebrow-raising question now […]

Global investors of Jack Ma's Ant Group experience a windfall to a nightmare

Two months ago, global investors around the world were getting ready to accept a windfall from what would have been the world's largest public offering. However, currently, the returns on the hundreds of millions of dollars invested are in jeopardy.  Further insights between China Central bank and Jack Ma's Ant tussle China had ordered Ant […]

WHO Chief tells countries to prepare for future emergencies as COVID-19 won't be the world's last pandemic

World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus attended a news conference amid the COVID-19 outbreak at the WHO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland? It was the occasion for him to war countries around the world to brace themselves and create preventive measures as COVID-19 is not the last pandemic that will hit nations around the globe.  […]

The UK's economy is predicted to be 6% smaller by 2021 Easter

The Resolution Foundation has reviewed the previous forecast and predicts that the UK economy is likely to be 6% smaller around Easter in 2021. The foundation says that lockdowns and restrictions will lead to depressed growth in 2021. The impact of the coronavirus lockdown and restrictions Even though an economic forecast was made for UK […]